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Flexible Language CoursesLunchtime Company Group Classes

How about lunchtime group classes of up to 12 learners each?

These are a cost-effective way to enable employees to benefit your business. These language classes will develop or improve the chosen language to the advantage of both the company and employees. Even the fact that your company provides language classes for employees will create a positive impression.

Choosing the language of a key client can be the factor that tips an important decision in your company’s favour.

Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable doing business with a foreign company where even members of staff with whom you would be likely to have little or no contact were having English classes?

Choosing the language of a parent company will help to bring staff at different sites closer, initially simply by the very fact that UK based colleagues are seen to be making an effort!

An understanding of their language will allow a better understanding of foreign contacts as well.

And for the staff engaged in taking these classes?

Well, who wouldn’t be happy to have daytime language classes provided by their employer?

Utilising their lunchtime can be an advantage from both perspectives – the employer isn’t losing the working time and those on the courses have something different to look forward to one lunchtime each week. These group courses benefit those on them just as much as they do the company as any of the main European languages are useful for holidays. And, on holiday, the target language can be further improved to the advantage of both the learner and their employer!

The logistics?
Well, we can offer two 60 minute group classes back to back e.g. 12.00-1.00 and 1.00-2.00, with these being, for example, a beginners class and an elementary class. You may even want to have 4 classes of 4 different levels spread over two days. Those who progress well can then transfer to a more appropriate group. The whole arrangement is very flexible – we don’t charge administration fees for moving people between classes; we simply do our best, as always, to make the learning process as enjoyable and productive as possible. Courses can be booked for a set period or they can be set up on a rolling, month-by-month basis. The advantage of the former is that our normal discounts can then be applied for advanced payments. The latter allows learners and billing to be adjusted each month – if someone is relocated and is no longer able to continue, after a minimal number of classes we simply no longer invoice for them. Courses are flexible and can be suspended over school holiday periods (when more of your colleagues may be taking holidays) or whenever your company has a particularly busy period. They can also include content specific to your business.

We charge only £35 per hour +£3 for each participant and, as with all our other programmes, course books and related materials are provided free of charge to each learner. Depending upon your location, there is a small chance that we will need to add a travel element – we can usually tell you immediately when you enquire. You can also benefit from our discounts of up to 11%.

But what about eating lunch? Well, if those involved are unable to fit in lunch a few minutes before or after the class, then they are welcome to eat during it in the class when they themselves do not need to speak. We do, though, discourage crisps!

Haven’t seen this page before?
This is probably because we only show it when we have availability which, as you can imagine, is limited for such lunchtime classes. If you are interested, please do contact us as soon as possible as these lunchtime group class options are extremely popular and aren’t always available.

* If you only require a single group class of 60 minutes, this can be arranged but we do need to charge for a minimum of 90 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes would still be available for you to utilise either directly before or directly after the group class. Perhaps someone else needs to brush up that same language and would benefit from a short one-to-one session?


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