Flexible German Language Courses

& Training for Business

Improve or learn German through one-to-one or small group classes with a professional German teacher / private German tutor

Our German lessons, provided by one of our friendly, experienced and professional teachers, can certainly help you.

German one-to-one tuition

Our experienced teacher will come to you at your office (or your home) at times convenient to you.

German group classes

Our professional teacher comes to your company on a regular basis although there are still options for flexibility.

These popular and productive German courses are perfect for improving or learning German for business, travel or relocation abroad. They enable even beginners to start to speak German from the very outset and enable quick and effective progress at every level.

When involved in business with German-speaking customers, suppliers or other contacts, a knowledge of German can often be the factor that allows your company to keep one step ahead of the competition.

This knowledge may range from allowing just a few words of introduction, so as to be seen to be ‘making an effort’, through to conducting your business wholly in German.

For key figures, the ability to communicate with German-speaking business contacts in their own language can be vital when critical decisions are often influenced by personal relationships.

Provision of German language training enables your team to conduct the company’s business more effectively and can also help to retain key staff through increased job satisfaction and perceived benefits..

Our German language training empowers your company and enables you to succeed.

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We appreciate that you are busy, so we visit you on your premises (free of charge and obligation) to discuss your needs, be they for German training for you or your colleagues.

Following an assessment, we can then propose

  • specially tailored German programmes, from as little as 18 hours

to suit your requirements, to be delivered, on your premises, at times and dates to suit you – you may like to have

  • one-to-one or small group classes (Ideally of up to 6 participants although we can cater for larger groups; we can advise as to how participants should be divided between such groups if their levels differ. )
  • weekly, bi-weekly, semi-intensive or intensive classes, ranging from a single 90 minute class each week, through to a number of hours every day over a shorter period
  • ad-hoc maintenance sessions if you already have a sufficiently good level

with these taking place either as

  • regular classes on the same days and at the same times
  • classes booked ahead on a diary system or week-by-week to suit your busy schedule (This option can be less easy for participants to administer if it is a group class)
  • a combination of the above

Whatever you choose, all German sessions are subject to only 24 hours notice of cancellation, so you can even reschedule your class to attend that obligatory, last-minute meeting.

We provide individually created and selected course materials free of charge, so all you should bring into your class is a pen and paper for any note-taking.

Whilst our German teachers are dedicated professionals, our office staff are on-hand to help throughout your course with us – we are just an email or telephone call away!

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We select our German teachers carefully to ensure that you get the maximum return upon your time with us. The principle criteria by which they are chosen are good teaching ability and pleasant and positive personality, with both being required.

As all of our teachers are native-speakers, you enjoy your German classes with a person who speaks German as a mother tongue, enabling you to reproduce the language from its original form.

You have the same German teacher* throughout your course, allowing you to maintain a good working relationship and ensuring that the teacher has ongoing, first-hand knowledge of your progress at every class. Should you wish to be exposed to different accents and voices, we can arrange for a periodic change of teacher.

*For intensive and, sometimes, semi-intensive courses, two or more teachers work as a team with you, liaising directly with each other before and after classes. This is to ensure that your class is always fresh and dynamic.

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Our tailor-made German courses for business develop to allow you to:

  • exchange introductions
  • proceed from the airport to your hotel/meeting venue
  • read menus and order food
  • develop vocabulary and structures related to your particular business
  • understand and respond correctly to emails and other documentation
  • discuss your company’s business
  • communicate via the telephone
  • understand the culture influencing your customer
  • participate in meetings and prepare and deliver presentations

Whether you start as a complete beginner or already have a good level of German, we enable you to achieve your goals!


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