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Our prices are very reasonable, especially when you consider that all of our teachers are qualified native-speakers of the languages with which they are concerned.

Whilst it is impossible to quote accurately here for each individual enquiry, the following will give you a reasonable idea.

We offer a minimum booking of 18 hours, with the minimum class duration usually being 90 minutes (exceptions can be made in certain circumstances but the hourly charge is likely then to increase). We include a course book* (or alternative) for each new learner, chosen with their specific needs in mind (and being for them to keep), with these being used to varying degrees of reference during teaching. As courses progress, other teaching aids and materials are introduced on the same basis.

We offer discounts against all but the smallest bookings; they are:

  • 30-59 hours (6%)
  • 60-99 hours (9%)
  • 100+ hours (11%).

Discounts are based upon the hours of a single course and are applicable to advanced, pre-paid bookings only – they cannot be applied retrospectively to staged bookings. Please note that, in order to avoid parking costs, you should ensure that there is some free parking available in the vicinity.

* Some course books include CDs or DVDs but many of the better ones do not. In such instances, although teachers will use such material within the class, we do not then automatically provide this material to learners, particularly those on shorter courses, as this would compel us to increase our prices. Although it is not always necessary for learners to have their own CDs or DVDs, these can be purchased from us separately at a slightly reduced rate compared to the recommended retail prices.

We hope that this helps to give some indication as to the figures involved but please contact us to obtain a precise figure for your particular situation.

If you would like further information about the "Flexible Language Courses" and other services that Language Link Up can provide we would be happy to discuss your requirement with you.

You can either telephone us on 01628 665599 between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.